Marco Angliotti

Marco Angliotti is currently one of the best rated Italian authors. He represents a common name on the scene of mystery and intrigue. Most of his novels follow a similar profile. The reader is hooked in thinking they know what is going on, only to find out that the whole story goes in a completely different direction – and that is the author's unique style.

Author's Biography

M arco Angliotti was born in a small town in Sardinia, in 1962. His parents emigrated to the United States of America in 1974, while he was still a teenager. He spent most of his teenage years in Chicago, Illinois, yet his Italian origins drew him back every few years. Lost between two completely different words, he settled in the USA after all, visiting Europe a few times a year for inspiration. He currently resides in Chicago.

He comes from a poor family. His father used to work as a postman, while his mother was a housewife. Times were rough in Italy for a few decades once the war finished, so they managed to save enough money and emigrate across the ocean.

Marco Angliotti discovered his passion and talent for writing while he was still young. His first book – On the Realm of Sun – was published in 1988.

It took the book a few years of gaining notoriety within the USA before it became an international bestseller. Its popularity moved from one bookstore to another – one state after the other. By the end of the year, it was among the best-rated novels in the country. No one expected the international book to occur, but it hit the young author at the right time.

Three years later after the initial release, his first book was successfully translated into 11 languages and made an international hit. Marco Angliotti became an international figure within months only. His second book was already out and those who enjoyed On the Realm of Sun were already hooked in and looking for the next big adventure from the promising author – which is exactly what happened in 1991, when he came out with The Intriguing Adventures of Queen Maria.

Back cover

Front cover

I n 1995, 1997, 1998 and 2000, Marco Angliotti was the best selling author in the USA. His novels followed a similar concept based on drama, intrigue and mystery, yet the actual storylines were completely different. New stories had different characters and occurred at different times in history, not to mention the actual stories behind everyone.

Rotta Nord Vest has just been released and has taken the world by storm. Critics from all over the world claim it is Marco Angliotti's best novel ever. It represents the top of the iceberg for him, but no one will really know until the next one comes out, which might be even better. It is almost impossible to find a negative or mixed review about it, only because anyone will get hooked in, regardless of what kind of literature they like.