About Rotta Nord Vest

Brief introduction to Rotta Nord Vest

Rotta Nord Vest has been recently released and aims to become one of the bestsellers of the year. It was released in the United States of America and it has become one of the primary choices in bookstores everywhere. It has already been translated in three languages and it features ongoing translations in 12 more languages.

Marco Angliotti is likely to become the bestselling author of the year once again, after earning this title in four previous years throughout his writing career. Rotta Nord Vest follows the exact same trend as previous books. It is full of intriguing moments and episodes, as well as surprising turnarounds that no one would ever expect. No one could even try to guess the final outcome, only because of the dynamic action.

What is inside Rotta Nord Vest

The action in Rotta Nord Vest takes place somewhere in the 17th century. It introduces the reader to the intrigues within the family of Miguel De La Rossa and his wife, who are happily married and have four children. Once they reach maturity, internal conflicts occur between them in the attempt to grab as much of the family wealth as possible.

Further characters with unusual histories come in and make the story even better. Two daughters and one son are happily married and working in different environments, using their connections to get their hands closer to wealth. The fourth one seems to be the main character – at least in the first chapter. But as you are hooked in and move from one chapter to another, you realize that the underdog has a completely different status.

By the end of the book, there are over 30 main characters and each of them has a unique story. Moreover, their past histories seem to be far from what the reader expects. As if all these were not enough, some of them have common pasts and bad happenings seem to overlap. It might feel confusing at first, as the reader has no idea where the action is going. It seems to float between one character and another. What is going to happen in the end? There is only one way to find out. One thing is for sure – you only need the first chapter and you will find it impossible to put the book down. The good news is you can now buy it in a digital format too. You can read it on your smartphone or tablet on the go, whether you commute to work or you travel on holiday. The even better news is that author Marco Angliotti is supposedly working on a sequel already.

A totally unexpected ending

Knowing about the sequel, one can only ask themselves – is the story going to end at the end of the book? Is the action left hanging? Will there actually be a sequel? Will the sequel be related to the first one? Reading the book has all the answer you need. As for the sequel and the potential story in it, there is only one way to find out more about it – wait and see.